Women’s Health


Our Holistic Approach


womens-healthAt Natural Healing & Acupuncture we address women’s health issues providing treatment to women in West LA and Santa Monica. Whether you suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or have endometriosis or an irregular menstrual cycle, we take a natural approach to your optimal health and wellness.  Perhaps you are approaching or in the midst of menopause, or have had problems getting pregnant naturally.  Our natural fertility specialists use a variety of therapies to successfully treat the problems women often face including acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, massage, and more.

Natural Healing & Acupuncture

There are many underlying causes of women’s health issues, including hormonal imbalances.  Natural hormone balancing is frequently accomplished using acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine including tonic herbs.  We know that every woman is different, and customize treatment according to your specific needs.  Proper nutrition is also key to your total body health and wellness.  Whether you suffer from anxiety, pain, digestive issues, or gynecological problems that often impact fertility including endometriosis, PCOS or an irregular menstrual cycle, trust our integrative wellness center for all of your women’s health needs.  We invite those in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica to contact Natural Healing & Acupuncture now at 310-473-7474.