Chinese Medicine is an excellent choice for treating many common and chronic infections and respiratory illnesses.

We often treat colds, sinus problems and viral and bacterial respiratory infections that are slow to resolve or are recurring. We also treat and help prevent asthma and other chronic breathing problems. We do prescribe herbs and other natural treatments to children.

We use natural medicine with the following treatment principles:


Acute Problems:

• Sore throat – In the early stages of a cold, acupuncture and herbs can stop an infection from developing.

• Cough – stop cough with herbs, acupuncture and cupping.

• Common cold – control many of the symptoms and prevent the degeneration into any number of chronic conditions.

• Bronchitis – stop cough, resolve phlegm, open up breathing and prevent recurrence.

• Pneumonia – stop lung consolidation, improve breathing, strengthen lungs to prevent recurrence along with western medication.


We Treat the Following Chronic Respiratory Conditions:

• Allergies

• Asthma

• Chronic cough

• Recurring sinus problems

• Recurrent illness


When to Take Antibiotics?

1. Antibiotics, though life-savers, are not always the best choice for an infection. Research has shown that antibiotics are often over-prescribed. They are actually one of the causes of recurrent ear infection in children! Because antibiotics kill beneficial bacteria in the intestines they can cause diarrhea, and weaken the immune system and push the pathogen deeper into the interior. For an immature digestive system of a child or an adult taking repeated courses of antibiotics this can lead to chronic problems.

2. It is best to limit the use of antibiotics so that disease resistant strains of bacteria do not make antibiotics ineffective when you really need them.

3. When it is necessary to use antibiotics for an infection herbs and acidophilus can be used to balance the unwanted side-effects that antibiotics have on the digestive system.