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Conceiving With Love
A Whole-Body Approach to Creating Intimacy, Reigniting Passion, and Increasing Fertility

Sexuality and Intimacy

Video: How to Make a Baby and Have Fun Doing It
This couples intimacy video contains partner exercises taken from Taoism and Yoga traditions. Included are meditations and breathing practices. It is a must to help you to increase your connection with your partner. These exercises are simple to learn and are taught in a step by step process. You can follow along and watch over and over again. Most are taught sitting down in a comfortable position. They are designed to bring you closer while having fun!

The Pleasure Chest

Shop for adult sex toys online at The Pleasure Chest, with a large variety of top quality adult toys. Trusted since 1971, plus discreet shipping.


My Signature Fertility Course:
How To Make A Baby And Have Fun Doing It

I’ve compiled everything I’ve used to treat fertility patients over the last 26 years and packed it into a brand new 7-week course. Inside, you’re going to get tons of useful information to increase your fertility and restore intimacy in your relationship. I’ll give you the tools, practices, and exercises you and your partner need to have a more enjoyable and fruitful baby-making experience, regardless of where you are in your fertility journey (or whether or not you’re already using Western reproductive medicine). These strategies are tested & proven. Thousands of women have already used them to great success, with some even finding that it helped their results from IVF. You’ll walk away from this course feeling more connected to yourself and your partner – and closer to having a baby than ever before. Read More


Carries herbs and supplements. For personal recommendations please call for a consultation. 10% discount is given on our online store.

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Carries supplements. For personal recommendations please call for a consultation. 20 % discount is given on your first order


Visualization and meditation are powerful forces that can help you control your body with your thoughts. We consulted many experts as well as our community members to provide solutions that have helped many women conceive, heal after cancer treatment, and achieve other important health goals. You can find guided meditations for fertility here. Order Here

Organic Conceptions Journey to Parenthood and Beyond is a five-part Audio Program and Workbook that delves into these remarkable findings from couples who overcame infertility. Order Here


If you’re trying to get pregnant and prefer a personal lubricant for intimacy, there’s no product like our new BioGenesis™ Fertility Lubricant. Here’s why: BioGenesis is a water-based, hydroxyethylcellulose formula – exactly what is recommended by our friends at Mayo Clinic because those materials combined most closely match natural vaginal moisture and do not decrease sperm motility. Our formula is the only product of its kind that is paraben free and contains both calcium and magnesium ions that are clinically proven to support successful fertility.

Good Clean love has other products for personal hygiene and lubrication Order Here



Proov works by measuring Pregnanediol Glucuronide – or PdG for short – the urine metabolite of progesterone. Because it is non-invasive and can be used at home, Proov is great for tracking PdG over multiple days – which can be critical to determining if a healthy ovulation occurred and there was a chance at conception.

The Fellow kit is a mail-in semen analysis that gives you and your doctor the same results as what you’d receive from a traditional clinic. The Fellow kit is likely cheaper and more comfortable than going the traditional route; we let you skip the awkward waiting room experience and the used magazines.



Great gluten free breakfast items. Click here and use the coupon code DeniseWSave10 for 10% off your order.

From D3 to Omega-3, Ritual’s scientists studied diets and genetics to make a multivitamin with key nutrients we need. Ritual offers plant based prenatals, vitamins for women 18+ and over 50 as well as a men’s multivitamin. Order Here

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