Medicinal Smoothies

Taking many supplements in the form of pills can be a daunting task especially if one has nausea from  chemotherapy,  a digestive disorder or even a pregnancy.   A great way to get added nutrients is by making medicinal smoothies.  My kids don’t know it but when I make smoothies for them I always add in extra nutrients.  They love the taste.

There are many ways to start making smoothies but the way to begin is to start with a protein powder either vegetarian or undenatured whey.  Paleomeal is a great choice  ( make  paleomeal a hot link to the products page)  Another option that I  like to use as a detox or veggie source of protein is Clearvite  ( make it also a hot link)   Protein is important for people undergoing chemotherapy.  Drinking it is most favorable especially when there is aversion to food.


Basic Recipe:

    1. Add almond ,  coconut milk or coconut water
    2. Add berries or other fruit
    3. Can add nut butters, tahini or avocado for extra calories
    4. Can even add veggie juice as the base or add veggies such as kale and/or chard.


Additional add-ons are:

    1.  green powders
    2.  anti-inflammatory blends containing turmeric, ECGC, for example
    3. fiber in the form of chia seeds
    4. fish oils or flax seed oil
    5. custom herbal powders individually written
    6. maca powder
    7. goji berries
    8. adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha, holy basil, siberian ginseng
    9. probiotics

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