Massage for Cancer Care

Massage therapy for cancer patients is safe and effective.  Patients with cancer can suffer both physical and psychological stress.  There can be pain, digestive symptoms such as constipation or nausea and/or lymphedema from surgery.

Some of the benefits  of massage therapy as defined in the literature includes:

    1. Reduction of pain
    2. Shifting the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system – this equates to relaxation.
    3. Increasing serotonin and endorphins . The “feel good”  hormones
    4. Improved blood flow.  This can help clear waste products out to improve wound healing
    5. Improved lymphatic circulation – this is effective for lymphedema
    6. Receiving loving touch can be healing

Our team knows to stay away from tumors and/or possible surgery sites.  There is no evidence that massage therapy can spread cancer. (1)

  1.  Donald Abrams , Andrew Weil, (2009).  Integrative Oncology. New York, New York: Oxford University Press, Inc.