At Natural Healing & Acupuncture we use the highest grade nutritional supplements to get the best clinical results. We guarantee the supplements that we carry are of the highest quality, purity and bio-availability.


Why Take a Daily Multivitamin?

Just eating a healthy diet may not be enough anymore according to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture, 1996). In tests they have found clinically significant nutrient deficiencies in Americans. The situation is even more abysmal in the elderly. In June 2002 The American Medical Association recommended EVERYONE use multi-vitamin/mineral supplement.


Why Buy Professional Grade Nutritional Supplements?

There are no standards for quality and few government regulations for the supplement industry. What you “see” is not always what you “get”. So if you buy cheap supplements, you may end up with an inferior product that doesn’t improve your health. Worse, the lower priced products may contain impurities or additives that could actually make you worse.

The supplements we carry are formulated based upon the scientific literature for efficacy and manufactured with the highest-grade raw materials and manufacturing processes. Supplement quality, like a quality food product such as olive oil, is subject to gradation of raw ingredients, type of processing, preservation of freshness, additives, etc.

All of the products we sell are manufactured according to the standard of the United States Pharmacopeia and the proposed Food & Drug Administration’s Current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.


What Do High Quality Supplements Contain?

The supplements at our clinic are:

Non-allergenic. Many “natural” supplements come from food sources such as corn, soy, yeast, dairy, or egg, which may cause allergy problems. In addition, coloring agents can also cause allergic reactions. All of our supplements are non-allergenic.

Pure. Some supplement manufacturers try to save money by adding cheap fillers, binders, lubricants and disintegrators. The manufacturers we use do not use any of these and also test for toxins, heavy metals, bacteria and adulterants. For example, fish oils can contain PCB’s, mercury and other toxins. Our manufacturers make sure they contain none of these.

Correct potency. Labeling can be deceptive. Studies of off-the-shelf nutritional/herbal products have shown that what is commonly on the label may not be in the bottle. The products that we carry publish independent assays of their products.

Standardized herb potency. Some of the products we carry combine herbs and nutritionals. The potency of herbs in a supplement can vary wildly, depending on what part of the plant is used, the time of year it was harvested, how long it was stored, or how it was processed. Our supplement manufacturers use herbs with a “standardized” potency, so that you will know exactly how much of the biologically active part of the herb you are getting.


11 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Nutritional Supplements:

1. Many conditions will improve or be prevented by specific nutritional supplements.

2. Certain medications can deplete vitamins and minerals from the body.

3. High stress and disease deplete nutrients.

4. Conventionally grown foods have lower density of micronutrients than in the past due to soil depletion.

5. More Americans eat highly processed foods with lowered nutritional quality.

6. Recommended Daily Intakes (RDI’s) are probably too low.

7. Many types of food processing and cooking damage or remove nutrients.

8. Common variations in metabolism result in substantial differences in actual nutrient needs.

9. Poor digestive function results in an inability to properly breakdown and assimilate foods.

10. Toxins (endogenous and exogenous) increase the need for higher concentrations of nutrients.

11. Direct pharmacological activity is expressed by some nutrients at high dosages.


Nutritional Consultation

If you have a health issue that you would like specific recommendations for, we provide phone or in person consultations. We create programs based upon testing, research, and clinical experience.

Please call 310-473-7474 to schedule a consultation!