Prenatal Massage

The gift of pre-natal massage is not only great for the mother to be but also good for the developing baby.

There are so many changes that happen to a woman as she carries a pregnancy.  Ligaments begin to stretch out and the pelvic bones begin to shift as a woman’s body prepares itself for delivery.  As the baby grows more pressure is put on the back muscles and a number of women experience back and hip pain during their pregnancies.  Pregnancy is also a time of preparing for a new life to enter and all the emotional changes that accompany it.

Massage is an excellent tool to help a woman adapt to changes in her body/mind  at all stages of her  pregnancy.  Not only is it relaxing but the kneading of the muscles helps to accommodate her new posture.

We at Natural Healing & Acupuncture provide a nurturing , safe, and effective place for pre-natal massage.  The developing baby also enjoys massage as we find that in the later stages of pregnancy, babies stick out arms, legs and backs to be massaged.