Anxiety and Depression Therapy


Serving West Los Angeles & Santa Monica


meditationAnxiety and depression often go hand in hand; both are very common conditions that impact millions of individuals for various reasons.  Our integrative wellness center focuses on a natural approach to addressing these issues which can disrupt every area of your life.  Through acupuncture, Chinese medicine and other treatment and therapies, we help clients overcome anxiety and depression in a way that is natural and effective.  When prescription antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications fail, there are other methods proven to provide relief and help you enjoy life once again without the use of potentially dangerous drugs.


The Taoist view of emotions begins with insight that the body and psyche are one integrated whole so that distress in one influences the other.

At Natural Healing and Acupuncture we have been successful at using Natural Medicine – acupuncture, nutritional supplements and herbs, combined with lifestyle counsel, to positively effect anxiety and depression either from primary or secondary causes such as:

• Chronic Stress

• Insomnia

• Drug withdrawal

• Chronic pain and disease

• Menopause associated emotional imbalances

• Other psychiatric disorders

We often work in conjunction with Psychotherapists whose patients want holistic approaches to mood disorders.


How Acupuncture Works for Mood Disorders

Studies have shown that acupuncture may alter brain chemistry by changing the release of neurotransmitters and neurohormones. These in turn have a regulating and calming effect on the nervous system.


Herbs and Neutraceuticals

Many different herbs and herbal formulas have been used traditionally to treat mental-emotional disorders. There is a growing body of research on supplements and nutraceuticals to affect brain chemistry and calm the mind.


Examples of Chinese Herbs for Mental-Emotional Patterns:

polygala (yuan zhi) Insomnia, palpitations, and restlessness

chai hu Irritability, anger, and frustration

biota (bai zi ren) Irritability, insomnia and forgetfulness

zizyphus (suan zao ren) Acts as sedative, aids relaxation

These herbs are most often used in formulas.


Examples of Nutraceuticals Include:

5HTP Used to boost serotonin levels, reduce carbohydrate cravings, improves REM sleep

Phosphatidyl Serine Improves mental focus, relieves depression, may help seasonal affective disorders, improves quality of life in Alzheimer’s patients, help prevent age-related memory deterioration