One of the key systems for comprehensive health is digestive function. Besides digestive conditions such as irritable bowel, reflux and constipation, there are other conditions such as allergies, joint pain, fatigue, and illnesses that can all have roots in improper nutrient break down, absorption and elimination.



We use Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to evaluate digestive problems and toxification. Depending on the case we may employ a Digestive Stool Analysis and Food Allergy Testing.



Herbs, acupuncture, nutritional supplements and dietary changes are wonderful tools to restore gastrointestinal function.

One basic protocol to restore digestive health is the 4R program:

Remove – kill pathogen with antimicrobial and antibacterial herbs

Reinoculate – with beneficial probiotics, “healthy” bacteria

Replace – with digestive enzymes, bile stimulants and hydrochloric acid

Repair – with nutrients and herbs to repair the gut mucosal lining


Do you have any of the following?

These conditions are not normal:

Bloating, gas, fullness after meals


Food sensitivities

Reflux, acid indigestion



Bad breath

Frontal headaches


Frequent diarrhea

Mucous in the stool


Digestive problems can reflect on:

Inflammatory processes in the body

Blood sugar imbalances

Autoimmune diseases


Estrogen metabolism

Chronic fatigue

Adrenal stress


Inability to lose weight